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The TC1 SICON event took place in L’Aquila, Italy, from Sunday, July 1, to Friday, July 6, 2007. The training course permitted the transfer of knowledge on the fascinating topics of Stability and Bifurcations on Nonlinear Dynamical System from senior outstanding researchers to promising young fellows selected from all over the world (Israel, Greece, Belgium, Serbia, Turkey, USA, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Malaysia, Poland, France, Hungary, England, Austria, Italy).

The event, partially financed by the European Commission under a Marie Curie Action, was very successful in the organization and management, and achieved all the targets of education transferring, research experience sharing, and - especially - accelerating the development of an established, common European background of knowledge for the participants.

The week has been opened on Sunday by a warm welcome reception on the terrace of Hotel Sole in L’Aquila, where all the participants (researchers and lecturers) registered their arrival and received further information regarding their accommodation, the course venue and other related appointments. This preliminary meeting time was a precious occasion to encourage the first contact between the students and facilitate their relationship with all the lecturers.

On Monday, July 2, all the eligible and not-eligible researchers were present at the opening ceremony of the course at the event venue, the “Castello Cinquecentesco” in L’Aquila. This high rate of participation was confirmed throughout the entire week up to the event closure, on Friday.

Despite a very dense program of lectures, other cultural and sportive initiatives were attended by the majority of the participants. Indeed, on Tuesday, July 3, and Thursday, July 5, two guided visits, namely at the Museum of the Castle and the “Contromine”, the underground of the Castle, were organized in the evening, just after the end of the lectures. On the evening of Wednesday, July 4, a soccer match found the hosting Italian team succeed on an European Selection (Final Score 3-1: Di Lisio (I), Potenza (I), Schwarzbart (AU), Lepidi (I), … special thanks to the italian goalkeeper from the Organizing Committee). A road-bike tour to the “Campotosto” lake was also organized for the accompanying persons on Thursday afternoon (four hours on saddle with 25% uphill roads).

The scientific program was completed by series of debates and discussions at the end of each lecture. The final debate evidenced some open research themes in the field of Stability and Bifurcations.

Finally, the best way of reporting what TC1 SICON event has been, is to summarize some of the comments from the participants:

Do not forsake Wisdom, and she will protect you; love Her, and she will watch over you. Wisdom is supreme; therefore, get windoM. Proverbs 4:6-7.     Thank be to those men and women who decided to sponsor the SICON series. A lot of  knowledge will be exchanged but the real wisdom in it is to connect people through knowledge, young with old, students with teachers and students with students… and this will continue as we go home again by sharing with others. Thank you ” (Israel)

“I’m very satisfied because of highly dynamic and quality lecturers. […] Also I was satisfied with the group of enthusiastic people around me, But the special acknowledgement I should send to the organizers who made my stay in L’Aquila unforgettable in highly positive way. After this course, the strongest need I’ve is to transfer this knowledge to people I’m working with in my own country.” (Serbia)

“All of the lecturers listened all courses with us. I think this is the best thing of the course.” (Turkey)  

“Congratulations to the organizing committee. Everything was perfect to the last detail. Especially to prof. Gattulli for his instructions of how to arrive to L’Aquila and his immediate answer to our emails.” (Greece)

“I appreciate specially the fact that the accommodation is so close to the place where the event takes place. This solves a lot of logistic problems […] In my opinion, the event has been on the whole a complete success. I congratulate warmly with the organizers and teachers.” (Spain)

Attending the SICON TC1 has been a great experience. I am looking forward to collaborating with many of the researchers I met during the course. Special thanks to prof. Gattulli for all the information he gave me before and during the event” (Greece)

The course was really good. The level of lecturers was high. I had also opportunity to meet a lot of nice scientists which can improve my knowledge” (Poland) 

Overall, the course was excellent. The course could have been organized better to avoid some repetitions. The course content can be further scrutinized to make it shorter […]. Finally thanks a lot for taking this initiative. The SICON organization committee was excellent.” (USA)

“This training course has been a really good opportunity for me to improve my knowledge about nonlinear dynamical systems, to know leading researchers and to benefit from their experience. It has been also a nice occasion to meet other young researchers and to put the basis for a future scientific collaboration with some of them. I have found the context very stimulating for a young early stage researcher like me. I strongly believe in the great training value of this course and hope to have the possibility yto participate in the next events of the SICON series” (Italy)

“I would like to suggest that the other events of Marie Curie will be based on L’Aquila event.” (Brazil)


The official TC1 SICON photo (by V. Gattulli)

Photos by R. Rand





Photos by M. Lepidi

… during the welcome reception


… during the lectures


… during the lectures


… during the guided visit


… during the coffee break


and finally .… SEE  YOU  next  february  IN  WIEN!


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